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Deanship of Scientific Research

Since the beginning, AAU听has improved and encouraged researchers both scientific and applied. Faculty members should carry out research and projects inside and outside the University in order to enhance creativity and scientific research. The Scientific Research Deanship was originally established as part of the Vice President for Planning and Development Deanship, and then became an independent Deanship in September, 2013. The Scientific Research Deanship is responsible for the planning, management, and support of research activities that are carried out by the academic departments through internal and external funding. The functional responsibilities of the Scientific Research Deanship include research activities such as funded research projects, professional conference attendance, and research awards through the Scientific Research Council.

The vision of Deanship of Scientific Research is to establish a conducive research environment and develop an infrastructure for scientific research that enables AAU听to take a national and regional approach in order to be beneficial and relevant to the local community.
The mission of the Deanship of Research at AAU听is to achieve excellence and leadership in scientific research through the development of infrastructure conducive to research, and to encourage Academic Publication. The Deanship aims to create a motivating and attractive research environment to produce quality research in different discipline of science, engineering, medicine, management, and other related fields.

Dean Message:
Prof. Mohammed Awad

The deanship of Scientific Research at the Arab American University plays a pioneering and a leading role in the development of scientific research at the national and global level. To achieve this leading role, the deanship of Scientific Research at AAU听is seeking to accomplish several goals which are as follows:

鈥 To guide the creative resources and brilliant minds toward scientific research in order to improve its distinctiveness in all fields which hopefully, in turn, will contribute to elevating the scientific rank of AAU听nationally and on a worldwide scale.

鈥 To heighten the level of the faculty research at the university through funding the scientific research projects submitted to the deanship.

鈥 To assist faculty members to publish their research in the university journal and fully support publishing research articles in international scientific journals which are highly ranked.

鈥 The deanship grants financial rewards for distinguished research papers.

鈥 To encourage the university researchers to cooperate in the fields of scientific research with researchers in other educational and non-educational institutions.

Scientific Research Council


Job Title



Prof. Mohammed Awad

Professor, Faculty of Eng. & IT,

Computer Systems Engineering Department / Artificial Intelligence

Dean of Scientific Research



Dr. Abdelhalim Ziqan

Associate Professor, Faculty of Sciences,

Mathematics and Statistics Department听



Dr. Mohamad Abusharbeh

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences,

Department of Banking and Finance

133 1436

Dr. Fekri Samarah

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences,

Laboratory Medical Sciences



Dr. Mahmoud Salmeh

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law,

Public Law Department.