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The 4th International Conference on the recent Trends of International Relations, Media, Social Sciences & Education (ITIRMSE-22) - Turkey

Scholar Worldwide (Schwlar) for research, studies & global academics cordially invites you to participate in听The 4th International Conference on the recent Trends of International Relations, Media, Social Sciences & Education (ITIRMSE-22)听in Ankara-Turkey. Researchers, academics, and scholars from around the world are welcome to present their researches or research proposals in this upcoming conference (ITIRMSE-22), which will be held in collaboration with听日本群交无码AMERICAN 日本群交无码- PALESTINEon听August, 1-2, 2022.

The Fourth International Conference听 shed light on the intertwining nature between political science, law, media, international relations and related social and applied sciences in light of the increase in the degree of cognitive harmony between them as cross fields of scientific knowledge and methodologies at a time when the impact of international crises and internal and external conflicts has deepened. This cross-disciplinary specialized conference in has become closely related to our daily lives,

In the presence of听 partnerships today, scientific research targets the needs of the community and its basic requirements, especially between academic universities, research and studies centers due to the impact of contemporary crises听 on the potentials of the human forces. Thus, the conference philosophy seeks to create a balance among the fields of scientific research.


The Conference Organizing Committee invites researchers and academics from different countries around the world to submit their research papers or proposals according to the themes provided by the conference topics, as the conference management welcomes the participants interested in the given topics to attend the conference, starting from the main objectives, the conference sessions will discuss a variety of themes that include the following fields of specialty:

Track 1: Social sciences

Track 2: Accreditation and quality

Track 3: Knowledge and information society.

Track 4: Information Systems.

Track 5: Environmental Challenges

Track 6: Languages & Communication studies

Track 7: Business and Management Studies.

Track 8: Civic and Political Studies.

Track 9: Cultural & Global Studies.

Track 10: Economics,Finance and accounting.

Track 11. Law

Track 12: international relations.

Track 13: Sociology.

Track 14: Education.

Track 15: History.

Track 16: Geographic.

Track 17: Translation studies.

Track 18: Sustainable development.

Track 19: Gender.

Track 20: Psychology.

Track 21:.Media

Track 22: Human rights.

Important Dates

Announcement of the Conference 听1st April , 2022
Deadline for Abstract Submission 15th听July 2022
Deadline for Full Paper Submission 1st听 September 2022
The Conference Date 1-2听 August 2022

Applicants will be notified of the result of the research submitted to the conference committee within a period of two weeks from the date on which the abstract is received.



Prof.Dr. Muayad. M. Abusaa

Vice President for Academic Affairs

Chairman 听Conference听听 听听

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Murad Al Abdullah - (CEO)

Scholar Worldwide (Schwlar)

Vice- Chairman Conference 听听

Dr. Mosaddaq Barahmeh

Dean of Faculty of Arts

Head of Scientific Committee

Assist. Prof. Intissar Abo Najm

Director of External Relations

Dima Abu Latifa (Ph.D.)

Head of Organizational Committee

Members of the preparatory committee

Scientific Publication Committee

Dr. Othman Attia

Dr. Abdallah Alrahman Taha Badawi

Media and Public Relations Committee

Faten Youssef

Fadi Jomaa

Noha Ibrahim

Khawla Khumri


Reception and Welcoming Committee

Dr. Jumana Bashir Abu Rumman

Dr. Firas Makki Abed

Dr. Bana Ibrahim

Dr. Gift Chidi-Onwuta

Pirnazarov Nurnazar Rashid

Technical Committee

Dr. Najeeb Al-Samarrai

Dr. Abedalrahman Al-Rahmani

Mr. Ismat Khorshid

Ms. Madeleine Sardar Al-Nouri

Mr. Bahgat Waleed Deeb Ayasi Mr. Ahmad Abdel Latif Hassan AbuObaid

Monitoring Committee

Prof. Ayman Talal Rashid Youssef

Dr. Ahmad Sadam

Baseem Alidrisi

Dr. Dalal Saeb Erekat


Prof. Abdul Hussien Taher Mohammed


Prof.Mohammed Ahmad Ahmad Ahmad

Prof.Amina Al Yamlahi

Prof. Mohammed Obaid Al Sebhani

Dr. Fatima Ali Wali

Dr. Ali Ismail


Academics, researchers, university lecturers and postgraduate students from different countries around the world.

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