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Researcher Rola Jarrar Obtains the Ph.D of Business

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

The Ph.D candidate Rola Jarrar defended her thesis entitled: 鈥淭he Role of Human Resources Management in Palestinian Institutions: The Impact of Enhancing Ability, Motivation, and Opportunities (AMO) Practices on Institutional Performance鈥 to obtain the Ph.D of business.

The study conducted by the researcher focused on the level of implementation of high-performance work practices (HPWPs) based on individual and organizational growth (AMO) in Palestinian service institutions. It also aimed to explore the relationships between these practices, employee outcomes, and organizational outcomes as perceived by the employees, while considering the context of the private and public sectors. Additionally, the study examines the impact of employee outcomes on the relationship between high-performance practices and organizational outcomes.

The study developed its model using a sample of 571 front-office employees from 48 service organizations in Palestine. The researcher analyzed the results using structural equation modeling with partial examples (PLS-SEM). The participating organizations showed a moderate level of implementation of high-performance work practices, and that there is a direct positive significant relationship between these practices, employee results, and organizational results.

The message was supervised by Dr. Kenneth Bohl. The committee of examiners included Dr. John Lipinski, and Dr. Frederick Buchanan.

It is noteworthy that the Ph.D of Business program is implemented in cooperation between the Arab American University and Indiana University of Pennsylvania.