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Alumni Events

Events 2020

Feb 2020

Feb 15

Under collaboration with MAAN Development Center, the Alumni Affairs Department in AAUP announces the start of registration in the free-of-charge training course for female students and graduates in the business pioneer field.

Feb 12

Registration in the biggest training program in Palestine is now open, 鈥淭amayouz鈥 in its 6th edition

An opportunity for new experiments, great challenges and special trainings 鈥

Register now and take the chance to participate in an unforgettable life opportunity for Arab American University听听

The program seeks to improve the participants鈥 personal capabilities and skills to help them join the labor market by providing them with practical skills and connect their theoretical knowledge with the needs of the labor market.

Events 2019

Dec 2019

Dec 23

Some of the social concepts became deeply rooted that you cannot discuss.

Two ladies in their 20鈥檚 trying to discover life and race time to get small amount of money that might help solving a temporary problem for them.

In their journey, they face those social concepts and try to discuss and understand them.

Your Attendance will enrich the discussion

Dec 19

Among the activities that Sharek Youth Forum has organized under collaboration with PALTEL group, Graduate Affairs department invites you to register and participate in the activity of visiting the general administration of PALTEL Group in Nablus. This field trip aims to introduce students to the labor market and to the departments and employment policies that PALTEL follows. Also students will have the chance to learn more about job interviews and CVs.

Nov 2019

Nov 30

Partners of the training program Tamayouz cordially invite you to attend the graduation ceremony of the groups 鈥淎rab American University, An Najah National University, Palestine Technical University 鈥 Khadoori鈥 entitled:

鈥淓xcellence and Bestowal Pioneers鈥

Under the auspices of AAUP President, Prof. Ali Zeidan Abu Zuhri

Time: Saturday Nov. 30th, at 12:30 pm

Place: Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences Stadium/ Jenin听

Nov 23

AAUP and Sharek Youth Forum are pleased to organize a workshop in cooperation with Solidarity Center about Trade Unions and the amendments to the Palestinian Labor Law. Therefore, we invite our graduates in the labor market to register for this workshop.

The workshop aims to raise the awareness of students and expose them to different experiences to increase their motivation and enhance their role in society.

Nov 10

A training program organized by the university that provides several topics for how to find a job in the market using specific training methods.

50 training hours for community services

training is obligatory for graduates from both faculties of Administrative and Financial Sciences, It and Engineering.

training will be at 1:00 pm till 4:00 pm for the following below days:

Sunday 10/11/2019

Monday 11/11/2019

Tuesday 12/11/2019

Sunday 17/11/2019

Monday 18/11/2019

Tuesday 19/11/2019

Nov 03

The film documents the popular stories about Palestinian embroidered with silky strings to become the Palestinian Embroidery costume, for Palestinian women to express their lives and traditions before Al-Nakba.

These Costumes document the Palestinian cultural and heritage, including mountainous and coastal cities and the Bedouin environment, as well as the nature of cypress trees and (grape leaves), geographical diversity, river, mountain and hill. . and also used in their weddings and holidays.

Oct 2019

Oct 23

Alumni Affairs Dept. at AAUP announce in cooperation with Khutwih Association for Community Development the opening of registration for free training courses for young women aged (15-29) for entrepreneurship.

Oct 21

听An Invitation to watch the film " Kilimanjaro Girls " By AAUP Alumni Maysa Al-Shaer, within the festival "Ana Palestinia" organized by the university in cooperation with Shashat Association.

Kilimanjaro Girls

The story talks about 3 Palestinian girls that have decided to climb Kilimanjaro mountains in Tanzania.鈥