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Master in Civil Law

Justifications for starting this program and its consistency with the national strategy

  1. In the Faculty of Law, AAUP already has a Master in Commercial Law program, and it proved its success during the past years as it is the only program specialized in the law field in the Palestinian universities of the West Bank. And so, AAUP has a previous successful experience in specialized programs in law and it aspires to continue in such field, and the Master in Civil Law program is considered to be a continuous for the previous experience.听
  2. There is no other Civil Law Masters program in any of the Palestinian universities, and this is a good advantage to Arab American University. Other universities grant only a masters degree in General or Private Law with a concentration on either commercial, civil, criminal or international law and without showing this concentration on students鈥 certificates.
  3. Civil Law is the base for other laws, and it is necessary to start from the base heading to the top, not the other way around, and this is what AAUP aspires by starting the Master in Civil Law Program.
  4. The judicial judgments journal is currently applied as the civil law in the West Bank, however, there is a project being prepared to give an approval to the Palestinian Civil Law to be adopted as the law instead of the journal. This project needs a great focus when the law is issued in the West Bank, especially knowing that this project was applied as the civil law in Gaza since 2012.听
  5. This masters program might be the starting point that encourages AAUP to start a PhD program in Private Law (Civil or Commercial), either independently or joint program with other Arabic or international universities.

Benefits of this Program

  • Opening this program will benefit the reputation of Arab American University as it is the first of its kind program specialized in Civil Law and can be emulated by other universities too.
  • This program will contribute in attracting students and increasing the number of students who aspire to get their masters degree and who are interested in the university and in the program in specific.
  • Graduates of this program will be granted a Master in Civil Law certificate.
  • The importance of this program comes from the importance of civil law in practical daily life, as most conflicts and issues in courts are about (civil or commercial) cases.
  • This program will contributes in self-improvement for the faculty members of the Faculty of Law as they will start publishing researches and developing the method of analysis and vertical criticism, and so they will benefit the BA students.
  • New opportunities will be available for law students in Palestine if they have the certificate in Master in Civil Law Program.


Graduates are expected to have:

  1. Legal qualification in the field of civil law.
  2. Ability to work in the academic field (teaching and research).
  3. Ability to work in the practical field as a lawyer or consultant or an employee in the public or private sectors.听

Careers of Graduates

Graduates of this program can work in one of the following sectors or other sectors:

  • To work in the academic field (research or teaching) in universities, colleges, centers and institutions.
  • To work as a lawyer in fields such as: contracts, civil liability, labor and insurance鈥 etc.
  • To work in a governmental position in places that deal with private law, like the Lands and Finance Departments, the Ministry of Labor, the Ministry of National Economy, the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Culture.
  • To work in the private sector as a consultant or lawyer specialized in the private law cases.
  • To work in arbitration, whether it was a domestic or international arbitration.
  • Intellectual property rights, especially in copyrights and other related rights.
  • To be a freelance consultant in fields such as contracts, insurance, liability and e-commerce.
  • To work in the civil society institutions on preparing researches, studies, training courses and work on drafting contracts in the field of private law (Civil Law).