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Master in Speech, Language Pathology


Speech-language pathology is a health profession specializing in preventing, identifying and treating patients with disorders affecting their cognition, language, speech, and/or swallowing.

Speech-Language Pathology is a relatively new field in the middle east.

The Master program in Speech-Language Pathology is designed for students who wish to pursue a career as Speech Language Pathologist with ADEC, HAAD, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Social Services, Ministry of Health and other institutes concerned with individuals with special needs.听

This program will provide job opportunities to a much-needed domain in the region. Shortages in qualified speech therapists are obvious. This program will positively impact the performance of speech communication disorder specialists as well as special education specialists. It will provide them with current knowledge and skills in their areas of expertise. It will admit current communication specialists, special education, linguistics or other specialty graduates and help raise their level of performance to international standards, since it is built on international professional standards (The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association-ASHA).


The goal of the Master鈥檚 in Speech-Language Pathology program is to:

  1. Enhance and maintain a high-quality interdisciplinary research program to address communication development and disabilities across the life span;
  2. Provide excellent graduate student instruction;
  3. Prepare graduate students to conduct and become consumers of research, as well as competent professionals; and
  4. Provide outreach to individuals with speech, language, and hearing disabilities in the University and surrounding community, as well as assist relevant private and public agencies.


Upon completion of the Master鈥檚 degree in Speech-Language Pathology, students should be able to:

  • Integrate knowledge related to prevention, identification, evaluation, treatment, and patient interaction with individuals of a variety of ages that have speech-sound, fluency, voice, language, social communication, cognitive communication, and swallowing disorders.
  • Implement evidence-based diagnostic and intervention plans in a variety of settings and for individuals with a variety of communication and swallowing disorders at a level appropriate for entry into professional practice.
  • Collaborate proficiently when working with peers, professionals and community partners.
  • Integrate scientific evidence and clinical expertise in delivering optimal clinical services.
  • Conduct highly professional services with cultural competence and advocate for those affected by communicative, cognitive and swallowing disorders.

Careers of Graduates

This program will provide job opportunities to a needed domain. Shortages in clinicians who are trained to provide clinical services for individuals who have various communication disorders (adults and children) are obvious.

shortage is noted all over the Arab world where academic programs (either MA or BA) are confined to Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, and Lebanon (BA programs) and Jordan (BA and MA) programs. It should be noted here that qualified (MA holders) licensed Speech Language Pathologists unemployment rate is close to zero.