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Master in Respiratory Care Nursing


Respiratory therapists鈥 role and responsibilities, as well as respiratory academic programs have been significantly developed in the past 30 years.听 The high demand for well-trained respiratory therapists with advanced degrees have accelerated academic institution to pursuing higher degree programs in respiratory therapy worldwide.

In Palestine, respiratory therapists鈥 practitioners do not exist due to the absence of any bachelor or higher degree academic programs in this field. Respiratory care is provided by hospital nurses who are trained on the job only without appropriate academic background. The 鈥淏achelor of science in respiratory therapy program鈥 is currently under accreditation by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Once approved, graduates are expected to practice their roles at least 5 years from now. Thus, practicing nurses with bachelor degree programs who currently work in critical care units can be enrolled in this proposed program to fill the gap in their clients鈥 respiratory care needs.

The proposed Master of Science in Respiratory Therapy program at AAUP is designed to advance the knowledge, evidence-based practices, research and leadership skills of respiratory therapy professionals


  1. Provide students with quality theoretical and clinical education for the provision of outstanding future respiratory therapists.
  2. Equip respiratory therapy students with basic and advanced knowledge and skills needed to practice competently. 听
  3. Deliver safe and evidence based respiratory services for client of all age groups.
  4. Prepare ethical leaders, compassionate and scientific researchers throughout the care of clients with respiratory needs


  • Integrate physiology, pathology and pharmacological sciences in the care of clients with respiratory care needs.
  • Perform comprehensive assessment of normal and critically ill adults and pediatric clients with potential respiratory difficulties.
  • Provide accurate diagnostic testing procedures, monitoring, and interpret results in order to provide competent care.
  • 听Develop accurate respiratory care plans, and appropriate decisions for clients with poor oxygenation and ventilation disorders.
  • Develop disease prevention, and health promotion and educational strategies in the community.
  • Promote respiratory care scientist and competent researchers to enrich the theory and practice of respiratory care.
  • Apply ethical standards of care and evidenced based care with distinguished leadership, team work and communication skills.

Careers of Graduates

Respiraory therapists can have have many career opportunities upon graduation听 not limited to the following areas:

  1. Critical care units for adults, infants, or newborns .
  2. Respiraory laboratories( PFT labs, Hyperbaremic labs)
  3. Various patient admission
  4. 听Emergency rooms.
  5. Pulmonary speciality clinics
  6. Nursing homes
  7. Hime care for elderly with chronic diseases
  8. Education and administration.
  9. Privately owned business