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Master in Optometry


The Master (MSc) in clinical optometry is offered at the Arab American University of Palestine is the first master program in the country and is designed to advance the knowledge base and clinical skills of optometrists, whilst at the same time achieving higher post-graduate degree. In a rapidly expanding field, the program aims to graduate qualified clinical optometrists with specialized knowledge and skills who are actively involved in the advancement of professional optometry practice in the region. 听

The MSc is a two-year degree program and students are expected to take courses over 2 days per week. It combines the clinical optometric specialized disciplines, as well as research and data analysis disciplines. A wide variety of challenging and robust courses are offered recognizing the increasing need for specialized training in optometric practice. Students will gain advanced knowledge in areas including ocular disease, speciality contact lenses, myopic control, vision therapy and vision rehabilitation. Specific program pathways are available to assist students in selecting a sub-specialization area of their interest in the field.

Students who complete this master program successfully will have competence at the highest level both clinically and academically, taking them to the forefront of the profession and enhancing their personal and professional development.


  1. Prepare students to practice advanced optometric care based on international standards.
  2. Advanced knowledge and clinical skills to provide high quality eye care.
  3. Apply evidence-based knowledge to current practice.
  4. Enhance clinical reasoning skills that are necessary for patient centered eye care.
  5. Promote leadership, professional and ethical values through communication and team work for the advancement of patient centered care.
  6. Strengthen students鈥 ability to conduct original research and scholarly activities related to the optometric field.


On completion of this course the students will able to:

  • Advance knowledge and skills in selected sub-specialized optometric fields
  • Offer specialized standard of art optometric services in selected clinical fields
  • Advance knowledge in the use and application of a variety of diagnostic techniques and instruments utilized in the diagnosis of visual disorders
  • Collaborate with health care professional in听 multidisciplinary settings, specifically in the field of optometric rehabilitation
  • Interpret evidence-based literature and integrate findings to develop patient management plans
  • Respond and be prepared for any future expansion of the scope of optometry
  • Conduct clinical and scientific research

Careers of Graduates

Optometry as a field continues to evolve and advance and optometrists are taking on greater roles and responsibilities as eye care professionals in their own practices, as well as being involved in the share care of patients in multi-disciplinary settings. On completing the MSc in clinical optometry, graduates will have professional expertise in clinical practice and in academia and research, opening opportunities for to expand their scope of practice and advance their careers in the following areas:

  1. Advanced ocular disease detection and diagnosis
  2. Sub-speciality contact lens fitting and prescribing
  3. Myopic control management & treatment
  4. Low vision Rehabilitation
  5. Neuro-rehabilitation
  6. Vision therapy

Graduate of this program are encouraged to consider pursuing further studies in doctorate programs that will enable them to have academic and research careers.