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Health Sciences Department


We welcome you to the Health Sciences Department at the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Our department offers a variety of Masters and PhD programs with a broad range听of courses as well as transferable skills complementing the different areas of our students鈥 interests.

Our programs provide students with in-depth knowledge of the Health Sciences fields through specialized courses adopting an interactive and learning approach rather than a traditional teaching based one, as well as research opportunities and clinical practice.

The department has invested major efforts to open up collaborations with academic institutions and health care institutions and clinics, build modern and well-equipped laboratories to give students a remarkable opportunity to master skills听and experiences in the scientific research and nursing听肠补谤别.

We aim to promote self-direction, creativity, critical thinking, and innovation, increase our graduates鈥 competitiveness to pursue PhD degrees and prepare them for careers and leadership roles in the various branches of the Health Sciences field.