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Educational Sciences Department


Our Doctoral & Master Studies at AAUP means a full privilege of being a member of the most influential and dynamic intellectual community in the region. Our school of educational sciences at both levels equilibrates a line of thoughts among our distinct staff at AAUP.

The department professionally seeks to qualify individuals who are able to promote their knowledge of self to have their own vision for teaching and learning; who promote knowledge of students by developing strategies for understanding students鈥 needs, interests, and construct learning experiences that are responsive to learners needs; graduates are fully aware of content knowledge and skills needed to dynamic, inquiry based learning, graduates who value reflection on collaborative inclusive and authentic strategies for engaging learners in assessing learning outcomes.

General Objectives:

  1. To deepen scientific educational knowledge along with remarkable skills in the field of educational sciences with particular concentration on the field of specialization with appreciation to development and educational practice in a work context.
  2. Investigate and critically reflect on contemporaneous educational issues and training parameters to see into the methods of research and practice.
  3. To train graduates on insightful investigation capacities and provide opportunities of educational inquires on issues of educational sciences.

Department Faculty Members