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High Diploma in Esthetic Dentistry


  1. Provide students with knowledge and skills in the basics and principles of the Esthetic Dentistry.
  2. Provide students with knowledge and understanding of the modern digital technology role (such as the laser technology) and its role in the Esthetic Dentistry.
  3. Support the scientific research basics in Arab American University.
  4. Train the Esthetic Dentistry specialists with higher standards to help them understand and meet the needs of the local and regional communities.
  5. Develop the continuing education capabilities by enhancing the learning and critical thinking skills and how to get the right information.

Program Structure:

  1. Theoretical part: it includes the using of the different teaching facilities through seminars, self-learning styles and virtual clinical problems. This helps to provide students with advanced knowledge in esthetic dentistry.
  2. Clinical Training: By implementing the gained theoretical knowledge to apply treatment plans and provide the best treatment for patients. Students will be able to treat some cases under the supervision of specialized faculty members.

Program Goals:

  • Train the postgraduate students to provide high quality esthetic treatment services.
  • Provide students with the required skills to evaluate constructively.
  • Encourage the scientific research spirit.

Gained Skills:

  1. Enable students to develop their skills in the esthetic dentistry through lectures, seminars, laboratory and clinical trainings, researches and medical reports.
  2. Improve their skills and knowledge that were gained through their BA study.
  3. Enable students to understand esthetic dentistry basics with a focus on the modern diagnostic and therapeutic ways.
  4. Train students to provide high quality and professional treatment.
  5. Provide students with the research skills to enable them to evaluate scientific papers.