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Clinical Master in Pediatric Dentistry


Under the great development in the various medical sciences in general and in oral and dental medicine in particular, and due to the scarcity in the specializations of oral and dental medicine nationally, and as Arab American University aspires to be proactive in offering graduate programs specialized in the fields of oral and dental medicine in order to provide the country with a number of distinguished specialists and thus raise the level of profession locally and regionally, especially knowing that the infrastructure and human cadre are available in AAUP and fulfills the conditions of offering Advanced Residency in Pediatric Dentistry.

Cognitive Goals:

  • Increase the human knowledge.
  • Support the scientific research in Arab American University.
  • Develop the needed skills to conduct valuable scientific researches.
  • Train specialists in Pediatric Dentistry with high standards and help them to fulfill the needs of the local and regional communities.
  • Focus on addressing issues that have an impact on the local and regional communities.

The program structure:

  1. A theoretical educational program: that includes different educational facilities to help students to learn through small group seminars, self-learning ways, and problem-based education to help students gain the advanced knowledge in Pediatric Dentistry.
  2. Clinical training: to help students implement the theoretical knowledge and prepare treatment plans for patients, as students will be efficiently treating Pediatric Dentistry cases under supervision.听
  3. Thesis.听听


  • Train the graduate studies students to provide a high-quality treatment service for children.
  • Provide students with the needed skills to evaluate the scientific evidence effectively.
  • Provide scientific evidence effectively.
  • Encourage conducting scientific research.


  1. Enable students to develop their skills in pediatric dentistry trough lectures, discussion groups, clinical and lab training, preparing researches and writing medical reports.
  2. Build on the gained skills and knowledge from the bachelor degree phase.
  3. Enable students to understand the scientific basics and foundations of pediatric dentistry with a focus on latest diagnostic and treatment methods.
  4. Help students to conduct and implement original and valuable scientific researches.
  5. Train students to provide a high-quality treatment service to children.
  6. Provide students with the research skills to be able to evaluate the scientific papers.

Careers of Graduates

Specialists in Pediatric Dentistry