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Master in Waste Management and Recycling


Our Master in Waste Management and Recycling program is designed to empower students with the knowledge and skills needed in addressing the pressing challenges of recycling and waste management in today's world. With a focus on current issues and evolving technologies, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of this critical field. From assessing environmental and economic impacts to proposing innovative solutions, our program equips graduates with necessary skills to drive sustainability efforts forward. Through rigorous coursework and hands-on research opportunities, students will develop expertise in policy, legal, and ethical considerations, preparing them to lead and effect meaningful change in the recycling and waste management landscape. Join us in shaping a more sustainable future, in any of the promising jobs of Waste Management Consultant; Environmental Policy Analyst; Recycling Program Manager; Sustainability Manager; Environmental Compliance Manager; or Circular Economy Consultant.


  1. Strengthen students鈥 knowledge of current issues and evolving trends and technologies in recycling and waste management.
  2. Equip students with the ability to apply recycling and waste management methods to further sustainability efforts.
  3. Provide students with knowledge of the latest tools and techniques for recycling different types of materials.
  4. Enable the students to propose recycling and waste management solutions to new environmental challenges.
  5. Instill within the students the ability to research and advance the development of recycling and waste management technologies.
  6. Develop the students鈥 understanding of the policies, laws and regulations surrounding recycling and waste management.


  • Demonstrate an understanding of emerging developments in recycling and waste management and the related opportunities and risks.
  • Analyze the different recycling and waste management techniques and measure the environmental and economic impacts.
  • Assess the benefits and challenges of current recycling and waste management technologies and propose improvements.
  • Evaluate complex recycling and waste management issues and make effective decisions to further sustainability efforts.
  • Employ analytical skills to design and conduct research related to recycling and waste management.
  • Develop and exhibit an awareness of legal, ethical and policy challenges of new developments in recycling and waste management.
  • Develop leadership and management practices that promote innovation and change.

Careers of Graduates

  1. Waste Management Consultant
  2. Environmental Policy Analyst
  3. Recycling Program Manager
  4. Sustainability Manager
  5. Environmental Compliance Manager
  6. Circular Economy Consultant