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Administrative and Financial Sciences Department


The Department of Administrative and Financial Sciences at the Faculty of Graduate Studies aims at advancing the mission and vision of the Arab American University.听 Through teaching, research and community outreach, the department works to create, communicate, and apply business knowledge with the aim of advancing personal growth and opportunity for each of our students, motivating community development, fostering economic competitiveness, and improving the quality of human life.

The graduate programs offered by the department at master and doctoral levels demonstrate the rich, exciting, challenging, interdisciplinary and varied nature of business education (strategic management, quality management, leadership, human resource management, sport management, finance, accounting and auditing, construction management, etc.). These programs informed by business disciplines鈥 evolution, market need assessments and job success performance indicators attract motivated individuals seeking to become successful business professionals, researchers, and change makers in their communities.听听听听

Through collaborations with private, nonprofit and public sector organizations, as well as听strong international partnerships with reputable programs and institutions, the department is a vibrant transformative force in Palestinian business education, inspiring innovation, scientific progress, engaged learning and positive societal impact.