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Sustainable Cities and Communities

SDG11: Make cities and humansettlements inclusive, safe, resilientand sustainable

AAUP sets a model for a sustainable community through itsexpansive green areas on its campuses. These areas are designed topromote walking, ensuring that the farthest distance between anytwo buildings is no more than a 10-minute walk – equivalent to thebreak time between successive lectures. Well-built sidewalksconnect different parts of the campuses, meandering throughrefreshing green landscapes, encouraging hiking, and fostering aconnection with nature.​

​Furthermore, AAUP has entered into an agreement with a contractorto provide public transportation services using large buses,facilitating commuting between the city of Jenin and the campus.​

​In addition, AAUP has generously donated part of its campus area toestablish a police center serving the campus and its surroundings.This donation adds to a previous contribution of land where amosque has been built.​

​The university adopts a wastewater treatment plant (station) thatsolves the issue of 13000 beneficiaries, this was adopted due to thelack of wastewater stations in the area, and this also leads to thesuffering of the residents of the area surrounding the university andthe agricultural lands from environmental and health damage due tothe disposal of untreated wastewater in the open agricultural areas.​

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