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Chairman Message - Board of Directors

Dr. Yousef Asfour

2 months ago we celebrated the 22nd anniversary of the first cohort of students in Arab American University.

Thinking of this number you feel it is a long time ago, however, in universities鈥 life cycle it is only a short period.

Despite this short period, we can say that it is a fact that AAUP has achieved what other universities could not achieve in their longer-term period.

When we started extending inside the Palestinian lands, we were at the same time extending and exploring the bigger world as currently we have joint agreements and programs with international universities in the US and EU and we started programs which were the first of its kind in Palestine and the Arab world. I can proudly say that we have established and added the Faculty of Medicine to our growing group, in addition to the establishment of the Faculty of Data Science (the 21st century鈥檚 science) as also the first of its kind in the middle east, and only the 11th in the world.This great horizontal growth in the modern programs and the vertical growth in the new unique post-graduate programs that are only available in AAUP was not an easy task, I can only describe it as climbing a high mountain, the way to reach the top was difficult and full of obstacles and challenges but we aimed high, we did not stop, and we did it.

We in Arab American University are used to tough responsibilities and we do not stop until we achieve our goals and ambitions. Because there is nothing more precious than providing educational services to the Palestinian people!

I stand before you and promise as the Founding Chairman of the Board of Directors that with the help of this outstanding team, we will continue supporting this organization in all possible ways and we will overcome any challenges.

This University is the University for all Palestinian people, and will always be.

24 November 2022
Dr. Yousef Asfour
The Chairman of the Board of Directors