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Projects and Grants Office

Head of Office: 
Ms. Samah Khalaf

The department of projects and grants is responsible of organizing and following all projects, grants, and academic exchange agreements to assure the benefit for the university, its staff, and students. The department works through a systematic method allied with the university鈥檚 rules and procedures in order to achieve the goals and objectives of the university and to assure transparency in its services.


To leverage from the increasing projects, grants and academic exchange agreements in developing the academic process, as for the diversity of donors the idea of a department for projects and grants was established at the university.


Presenting proposals to donors to obtain funds and/ or sign academic exchange agreements, as well as managing these projects and agreements to properly serve the university and raise its education process and provide all what is needed to develop the academic process internationally.

  1. Coordination and networking between the different parties inside and outside the university to cooperate in various projects.
  2. Maximize work efforts to increase the number of funded projects for the university
  3. Follow-up the implementation of funded projects.
  4. Develop and apply a systematic method for the administrative and financial process for all projects, as well as defining and organizing with all relevant parities.聽
  5. Managing, implementing, and promoting academic exchange agreements, and clarifying the instructions for proper functioning.
  6. Managing, organizing funds and promoting for it.
  7. Ensure the process of these projects within the instructions of the donors to ensure the interest of the university, its staff, and students.
Contact Information: 

E-mail: projects.grantsataaup.edu

Phone #: 04-2418888 | Ext.: 1034

Sub Units: 

Projects Unit

Grants Unit

Exchange Unit


Hold workshops that aim to introduce the donors and their terms and the method of submitting proposals to donors.

Work with those who are interested in these projects at the university and others to provide the necessary information and required forms.

Cooperate with administrative department at the university in order to organize the process of the projects and provide what is needed.

Announcing of academic exchange with other universities and organize the selection process for this exchange.聽

Communicate with visitors from other universities with the academic exchange agreements and facilitate their integration in the university and its surroundings.聽